Estate Administration Attorney


Our Estate Administration Attorneys are Representing Trustors (Grantors, Settlors), Trustees, Successor Trustees, Beneficiaries, Heirs, Testators, Executors, Administrators, Principals, and Agents.

  • During Trustors life
  • During incapacity of Trustor, representing Successor Trustees
  • Post death of Trustor

Representing Principals and Agents under Financial Powers of Attorney

Representing Agents under Advance Health Care Directives

Representing Beneficiaries and Heirs

Our Estate Administration Attorneys are also providing Small Estate Affidavits
, Petitions to deposit property into a trust, Spousal Property Petitions securing community property interests.

Please consider the following facts.  Estate and Trust Administration law, Probate law and Estate Planning law, are vast areas of law.  Every person has a unique set of circumstances which requires an individual analysis and approach to the application of those laws, whether in Estate Planning or in the Administration of an Estate. It is not possible to accurately and fully educate you regarding your particular situation by giving general information of the law on a website.

Edith’s initial complimentary consultation is provided in order to give that very individualized information and direction to you.  There is some general information regarding the law at the California State BAR website which is recommended, under Pamphlets.  (Do I need Estate Planning?, Do I need a Will?, Do I Need a Trust?  How’s Your Legal Health?, and Seniors and the Law (for over 60).

Edith is available for hospital and home bound visits.

Contact Edith or phone her office at (619) 297-7441.